About me

I am a journalist turned Doctor of Physical Therapy who is always asking questions and looking to learn from others.

I am currently studying to become a certified Spanish medical interpreter to better serve a broader variety of patients, and am training to be a running mechanics specialist.

I’ve spent 10 years working as a financial journalist, mostly covering local government and finance. I did the lion’s share of my work at Debtwire Municipals, where I got to tell the story of many different municipalities and talk to hundreds of interesting people. This website features some of my writing portfolio.

Outside of the office, I’m a life-long figure skater, competing individually as well as on synchronized skating teams. I have coached in several different figure skating clubs and my resume for coaching can also be found here.

I am also a hiker, runner, cyclist, snowboarder, and down to try any sport that gets me outside no matter the weather.

I’m based in Syracuse, New York but have called Michigan, Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Arizona and Nebraska home. I love living in new places and meeting new people.